5. Leah Willett was born after 1694 in Northampton County, Va.. She died before 1755.

James Goffigon (son of Thomas Goffigon Sr. and Mary DuParkes) was born before 1719 in Northampton County, Va.. He died about Jan 1762. He was a cart maker. Leah Willett and James Goffigon had the following children:

child+23 i. Southy Goffigon Sr..
child+24 ii. Thomas Goffigon.
child+25 iii. Ann Goffigon.
child+26 iv. Susanna Nottingham Goffigon.
child+27 v. Rose Goffigon.
child+28 vi. Mary Goffigon.
child+29 vii. Elizabeth Goffigon.
child+30 viii. Sarah Goffigon.
child+31 ix. Nathaniel Goffigon.

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