Eastern Shore Public Library

The MilesFiles, Version 11.5, December 2011, contain about 63,000 names from the Eastern Shore counties of Accomack and Northampton, Virginia and Worcester and Somerset, Maryland. It includes the first 6 generations of descent of the First Families of Virginia from the Jamestown era (listed in the Muster of 1624/5) that settled in these four Eastern Shore counties. These individuals can easily be identified by the numbers placed in parentheses "(--)" between their given name and surname, which are the numbers used by John Frederick Dorman in the 3 volume set of Adventurers of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, 4th Edition, 2004-2007, published by the Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore, MD, in collaboration with the Order of First Families of Virginia. There are about 3,600 persons so identified.

Using only your web browser you can simply click on underlined names or text and navigate through the entire database, including the master index, surname index, family information, pop-up 3-generation pedigree charts, descendant charts and source citations. This ability to navigate through this large database makes it easier to understand individual relationships, to find their ancestors and descendants and also to better understand the interrelationships between the many families presented.

Living individuals are not shown here. However the compilers do have information in their master database on an additional 9,000 living individuals. They can produce customized reports and charts of entire families, including living individuals, upon request. They can add your branch of the family to their database and then generate reports or charts for your entire family and the next version of the MilesFiles will include your branch of the family.

If you would like customized reports or charts, or would like to offer additional information, recommend changes, etc., then please contact the compilers. If you want to contribute information, please provide some form of source documentation for information before 1900. The compilers will attempt to verify your sources and then quote the original sources. If they cannot verify the sources, but still chose to include contributed data, they will cite the contributors as the source of the information. In this case, please provide your full name and mailing address. They are constantly expanding their database from contributed information as well from their ongoing research.

A new version is published several times a year and a CD version is also available which is identical to the on-line version, but may run at faster speeds, depending on your Internet connection speed.

For further information, contact either: Moody K. Miles, III, 42 Meadowood Drive, Stafford, VA 22554, 703-328-2898 or 757-824-3766 or Barry W. Miles, 6641 Whitesburg Rd., Snow Hill, MD 21863, 410-651-4158.